Monday, September 26, 2011

Ray Arcadio

Ray’s work is about people’s necessity to go to extremes with their beauty, beliefs or expression. “I don’t judge what drives us to these extremes; rather I’m fascinated by the physical manifestation, but whatever the "drive" is, it starts a chain of events that ends up being the subject of my paintings.” Ray was born in the Dominican Republic and is the founding member of the culture jamming collaborative group Artfux. He obtained a BFA from New Jersey City University. Ray has exhibited around the United States and has appeared in various newspapers, magazines and television shows. His works are in various private collections including the Jersey City Museum in Jersey City, NJ, The Museum of Modern Religious Art at the University of St. Louis in St. Louis, MO and the Museo Moderno de Arte, Santo Domingo, RD. Ray Arcadio currently lives and works in New Jersey.

Fear 1

Fear 2

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