Friday, October 8, 2010

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hispanic Heritage Month: Things to do

El caballero de Olmedo/The Knight from Olmedo By Lope de Vega
At: GALA Hispanic Theatre, Washington DC
Directed by José Luis Arellano García
Sep 16 - Oct 17, 2010
Thur-Sat 8 pm - Sun 3 pm
Ticket: Thur and Sun $32 Regular, $20 Students, Senior Citizens & Military- Frid and Sat $36 Regular, $26 Students, Senior citizens & Military.

Based on a popular folk tale about a young knight who is slain as he travels from Medina to Olmedo after a bullfight. In what has become a classic love story in Hispanic dramaturgy and a celebrated piece of the Spanish Golden Age, Lope explores themes of love, violence, honor and jealousy. Lope deviated from traditional tragicomedy where tragedy is averted to result in a happy ending, and created a masterpiece that evolves in a comedic manner, with dark undertones, and then moves to a tragic end. Driven by passion, the characters also discover the potential for violence that lurks within that intense emotion, and that ultimately destroys them.